Tuscany Candle: Monster Cookies

I am never opposed to trying out a new candle company, especially when it comes to Halloween-theme scents!

A few months ago, I found these Monster Cookie fragrance cubes from Tuscany Candle at Walmart. It was placed randomly by some Christmas decorations and the cat and pumpkin cookies caught my eye.

Anyways, it rang up for $0.18! That’s right, 18 cents! Or should I say 18 scents? (Sorry, I had to!)

IMG_20160317_183407052The Scent: Somehow, Monster Cookies smelled both generic and artificial. It was that basic “sugar cookie” scent that is just completely dull. To be honest, it smelled like a knock-off version of Italian Christmas Biscotti. So not terrible, just “meh.” C

The Throw: This was my main problem. The throw was a medium, but instantly gave me a headache. It was like one of the scented oils was piercing through my brain. I had to shut it off. Maybe I was just sensitive. The throw was pretty okay for the short time I had it melting. (B for throw, F for the headache it caused)

So my first impressions of Tuscany Candle: a bit generic, and there is nothing wrong with that! They are cheaper than the Better Homes & Gardens wax cubes ($1.84 if you don’t get lucky like me), and the throw was not bad, if you ignore the potential headache!

I may try this brand again to see if its this scent or the entire brand that I’m sensitive too….but I’m in no rush!

-Kari Ann


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