Bubble Bath!

img_2374For my birthday, Kari got me a bubble bath scented Diamond Candle! I had never tried diamond candle and was excited to. Plus, bubble baths are pretty much my favorite thing in the world so the scent was perfect for me.

When lit, the scent remind me of a clean scent, with a mix of bubble gum. I know-it sounds weird but I swear it’s great! The description of the scent says its florals mixed with fruit, but I don’t smell either of those individually. Regardless I love the scent and the throw is great. I highly recommend this scent!

img_2369Today was my second day of burning it. When I went to blow it out, I noticed something copper colored in the wax and got excited! For anyone who doesn’t know, each diamond candle has a ring inside of it that’s worth $10. Each ring also contains a code that you enter on the website for a chance to win a ring worth $100, $1,000 or $5,000. I had to dig up the wax a little to get the ring out. Unfortunately I didn’t win the prize, but my ring is wicked pretty! The ring being buried in the wax adds some extra fun to burning the candle! Definitely a cool idea from the company and as I said before, I recommend trying them out!



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