Yankee Candle: Wedding Day

When I got married almost 4 years ago, my mother’s friend gave me a large jar of Yankee Candle’s Wedding Day.

wedding dayReceiving this scent as a gift has become a wedding tradition in the candle lover’s world! It is currently listed as an online exclusive scent.

The Scent: A bouquet of fresh flowers with a touch of powder. To be honest, it’s not the type of scent I gravitate towards, but it has the sentimental charm. And for a floral, it’s not bad. It does have a touch of that “grandmother’s perfume” note to it…which makes it more special and a bit old fashion! C+

The Throw: For an occasion-based candle, I didn’t know what to expect. But the throw is great! A solid medium that constantly fills up my living room! This one would be perfect to light as a bride and bridal party was getting ready! B+

So why did I wait so long to burn it?

If you follow this blog semi-regularly, you remember when my husband and I lived in different states while I finished graduate school. I made a promise that I would not light this candle until we lived together permanently. Well, two weeks ago, I accepted a new job; that officially means that Mike and I can finally start to plant some roots.

-Kari Ann




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