Diamond Candle Order

IMG_20160326_182934427Jenna wrote a review earlier this week about her Bubble Bath scented Diamond Candle that I bought her as a birthday gift.

I have been obsessed with these candles…but had only purchased them as gifts and never have tried one myself!

Well, in a moment of weakness, I bought two, and to my delight, they arrived today!

1) Halloween is my favorite holiday and season, so I had to buy Black Cauldron!

“Double, double, toil and trouble, our cauldron is brimming with a special concoction. Instead of lizard’s legs and bat wings, this spooky candle is a blend of black licorice, vanilla bean, and minty candy.”

IMG_20160326_1830180402) And because summer is approaching, I also bought Tropical Retreat.

“With a hint of the Caribbean, a blend of green bananas, coconuts, oranges & grapefruits takes your nose on a vacation of a life time – right from inside your home! On this journey to paradise, Tropical Retreat is sure to relax you.”

I cannot wait to try these. As Jenna mentioned, each candle has a hidden ring, so it’s a fun surprise to see what you get!

I normally have to finish a jar before I start a new one (cough cough Wedding Day), but am making an exception! First up, Black Cauldron!

-Kari Ann


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