Diamond Candle: Black Cauldron

IMG_20160326_223716231Halloween is my favorite. I’m not into gore or horror, but for some reason I just love the month of October and all its ghosts, ghouls, and goblins.

So when I was picking out my first Diamond Candle to try, my first choice was Black Cauldron. It was on clearance for $19.99 and the combination of the slime green and bubbling witch’s cauldron just drew me in!

The Scent: Well, I love this scent…but my guess is that it’s not for everyone! That undeniable scent of black licorice clashes in a harmonious way with a cool peppermint and a dash of vanilla cream. Who knew black licorice and mint would play well together? A

IMG_20160326_223724883The Throw: Unfortunately, the throw is just okay. It is on the light-medium side that barely fills up my living room. If you are sitting near it, the throw is detectable and decent, but it lacks a presence. I wish it was 2 notches higher! C-

IMG_20160326_224000151 (1)So the scent is a yay! The throw a blah. They are also soy-based candles and at times I felt like I could smell that “creamy” scent that some soy candles have.  Luckily, I have a second to compare throws!

Lastly, I got my ring after 5 or so hours of burning! I did not win a fancier ring, but this one is pretty! I even wore it to work today!

Overall, it was a fun experience, but definitely a novelty!

-Kari Ann




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