Yankee Candle: Strawberry Lemon Ice

IMG_20160408_185342522 (1)Last week, I reviewed the disappointing Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake by Goose Creek.

So last night, I decided to try Yankee Candle’s new Spring 2016 scent Strawberry Lemon Ice! Now this is how berry-lemon is supposed to smell!

The Scent: This smells like a strawberry lemonade slushie! The strawberry note is more realistic, sweet, and fresh and is balanced by a tart and sweet lemon scent. It is a sweetened strawberry-lemon, but not overly sugary. I do wish there was a touch more lemon, but overall very nice! A-

The Throw: I’d place this as a medium throw. It didn’t overtake my living room, but was definitely present for many hours. It’s the type of throw that you get used to after a while and forget about, then get a sniff and remember ‘wow this is nice’. So not disappointing, but still leaving you wanting it up a notch. B

Okay, so in my opinion, Yankee Candle’s Cherry Lemonade is the better fruit-lemon scent. The throw is just better. But, if you want a strawberry-lemonade scent, or to be immersed into summer….this one is worth checking out!

-Kari Ann


One comment

  1. I got the YC Strawberry Lemon Ice car air freshener a few weeks ago during their sale for $1 and everyone I opened the card door it smelled so good. I just got the candle in a Large Tumbler and Im still loving the scent! I agree, it’s more strawberry then lemon but not sickingly sweet and I had a very good throw with it. Definitely a thumbs up on this one!

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