Goose Creek: Christmas Tree Cutting

IMG_20160421_185320347Wow do I love Goose Creek’s Christmas Tree Cutting scent. I seriously could melt this year-round. I want every room in my house to smell like this fresh and sweet pine scent!

The Scent: It smells like you are at a Christmas tree farm on a cool, early December evening. The pine is fresh and bright…and just a little sweet. There is a hint of sappy fir wood and just a touch of snow. By far, my favorite pine scent I have ever tried. A+

The Throw: Wonderful! One wedge fills up my living room with a solid medium throw for multiple hours! It definitely has a presence and does not fade into the background. A-

So, as you can tell, I loved Christmas Tree Cutting. I will definitely be buying this one again and feel 100% fine melting it all year!

-Kari Ann



  1. Sounds like I’m going to have to try this! How would you compare this scent to Yankee Candle’s Christmas Tree (retired but they bring it back from time to time)?

    • I love YC’s Christmas Tree…this is a close replacement! (maybe a tad sweeter…it’s hard to explain). But I am okay with melting this one in it’s place 🙂
      I just instantly connected to this one.

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