Diamond Candle: Tropical Retreat

IMG_20160424_095136459_HDRMy husband and I had a few friends over last night, so I thought it’d be fun to light the other Diamond Candle I bought last month: Tropical Retreat.

The Scent: This one is a tropical escape indeed! Coconut suntan lotion mixed with a creamy banana note with maybe a touch of citrus. It definitely was relaxing! B+

The Throw: While the throw was better than Black Cauldron, it still was on the softer side. It was a light-medium throw that did fill my living room, but quickly fades into the background. My nose got used to the scent pretty quick. Not terrible, just not all star material. C+

IMG_20160424_120954659The “appeal” of Diamond Candles is of course the hidden ring. I got mine today (our guests didn’t get to see the reveal…but that’s okay!). It is a pretty yellow jeweled ring! I did not win the big money ring, but again, it was a fun experience!

I will enjoy burning the rest of this candle!

-Kari Ann


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