Follow-up: Wedding Day

IMG_20160427_202028514I like to do follow-ups for large jars. Most of my reviews on jar candles happen a few days into the life of the candle. However, large jars last 100+ hours (about a month for me), so it is nice to re-evaluate!

So how does Yankee Candle’s Wedding Day hold up a month later?

My initial grading: Scent C+ and Throw B+

New thoughts on Scent: My description remains the same: a slightly powdery bouquet of fresh flowers. Florals are just not my thing, but I have to admit, Wedding Day grew on me. Maybe it’s because I burned it in spring when the flowers are blooming or maybe it’s because my anniversary is today and Jenna just got married. Either way, this one did transform my living room into a florist shop. New Grade: B-

My “official” wedding in 2012. (We had a larger celebration in 2013)

New Thoughts on Throw: This grade remains the same! The throw was much better than I expected and a solid medium. To be honest, if it was any stronger, the floral notes likely would have overwhelmed me! B+

So there you have it! The special Wedding Day candle by Yankee Candle surpassed my expectations. I admit it is not a scent I would ever buy for myself, but it had a special meaning, so for that, I enjoyed every minute!

-Kari Ann



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