Dud Alert :(

Boo, I think I got a dud Red Berry & Cedar tart!

The tart I melted today was brand new (well, from January), but the throw was so light it could have been scentless.

IMG_20160501_163634883Red Berry & Cedar has been one of my go-to Christmas scents for years now, so I will not let this dud stop me from buying it again this year!

The Scent: Red Berry & Cedar is the perfect winter holiday compromise. Candy-sweet berries mixed with woodsy cedar. It smells like a Christmas wreath with sugared plums. A+

The Throw: As I mentioned above, this one had a terrible throw. I could only catch a small sniff if I was right over the tart warmer. But previous tarts I’ve melted have been home runs! Disappointing! F

So it looks like I got a dud. I know Red Berry & Cedar is great since I was around multiple stellar jars at family parties this past Christmas. Le sigh….

-Kari Ann



  1. I think i can help you with this whole dud thing as the tart wrappers have changed over the last couple of years. You can tell if a tart is indeed new (or at least no older than this past fall 2015) if the wrapper is really thick and has perforation connected to two holes (pretty easy to open but the wax beads tend to flake off from the open spots if bumped). If the wrapper is a bit “loose” and has really long “crimping” in 2 spots it’s from before this past fall. If it’s kind of tight-fitting and has 2 inch-long crimping lines it’s from summer 2014 and older. Looks like your tart might have been from 2 Christmas’s ago as the wrapping looks loose. Hope this helps 🙂 If a tart looks to be a year older or more i pass regardless of how bad i want to have the scent… :\

    • Thank you! Wow, I thought I was crazy for noticing that! The new spring tarts I could open without cutting! The wrapper was tight, must have been sitting for a while :/ So glad to know…this is great information!

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