Air Wick: Paradise Retreat

IMG_20160507_194214267_HDRI like keeping a room spray on hand. I keep it by my cat’s litter box to freshen up after I change it. Because I don’t use it too often, or in a big area, one spray bottle can last me a few years.

In other words, I don’t buy these too often.

Well, my current spray was getting low, so I bought this clearance Air Wick scent from Walmart today.

Boy do I regret it!

Paradise Retreat is a mix of “coconut, almond blossom, and cherry.” What it actually smells like is artificial cherry that reminds me of a bathroom cleaner mixed with cherry cough syrup. Yuck!

Anyways, this one gets  a frowny face from me! I am glad it was on clearance!

-Kari Ann



  1. Lol that’s why I always spray them in the store first to test then out! Some are truly horrible. At least you got it on clearance!

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