Goose Creek: Peanut Butter Sugar

My wax melt of the week is Goose Creek’s Peanut Butter Sugar.

There is a surprising lack of peanut butter candle scents, which I have always found disappointing! I guess the “scent” of peanut butter is hard to capture!

IMG_20160511_210203246The Scent: This one is nice…but it’s not really a peanut butter scent. It primarily smells like vanilla bean-spiked confectionery sugar. The peanut butter is very faint and, to me, comes off more as a salty note. If you like buttercream, frosting, or vanilla based scents, this one may be worth checking out. B

The Throw: The throw is pretty good. Definitely a medium that fills my living room. One wedge lasts a few hours. It does ‘fade’ into the background, which is okay since I think it would be ‘too sweet’ if this one was strong! B

Truthfully, I bought this one only for the promise of peanut butter. On that premise, it was disappointing since it was more of a sugary vanilla frosting. It’s not a bad scent, but nothing special enough to make me reorder!

-Kari Ann



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