Yankee Candle: Margarita Time

After work today, I went to the mall….and of course I had to pop into Yankee Candle to check out their new summer 2016 scents and stock up on a few tarts.

IMG_20160513_192911831Of course I grabbed a Margarita Time tart. This scent has quickly become one of my summertime favorites!  Unfortunately, I learned from the sales associate that Margarita Time is being discontinued!

The Scent: Addictive! This fruity scent is a mix of sweet lime, a hint of salt, and a touch of orange zest. It just makes me happy! It is a bit more fruit-smelling than the margaritas I’ve had, but I’m okay with that! A

The Throw: Wonderful! A medium-strong that has been filling up my living room and hallway since I got home! This is a great throw that is ever-present, but not over-bearing! A+

Margarita Time is a fun, fruity scent that I will miss! So if you’re curious, or a fan, stock up now!

-Kari Ann



  1. Hi ! Just an FYI tidbit. I work at Yankee Candle and Margaritatile is being retired. Stock up while you can! One of my faves also!

    Kerry G Baumann


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