Kringle Candle: Basil

The very first Kringle Candle I am trying is Basil.

IMG_20160515_135405061A forewarning: I love basil. I grow a few different varieties in my garden and love using it to make homemade pesto! So I have very high basil standards.

The Scent: Eh. It’s okay. I wanted that spicy, peppery, minty, herbal scent that is unmistakably basil. This only hints at that and has a slightly “soapy” scent that seems common with basil scents. It’s not terrible, just does not remind me of the fresh basil in my garden! C

The Throw: A little subdued, but still quite refreshing. I’d place it as a medium that becomes a background scent. For this scent, it’s the perfect strength. No complaints. B+

Overall, it is the best basil candle scent I’ve tried so far, but still not nearly as good as the real thing!

-Kari Ann



  1. Hi Kari Ann 🙂 Have you ever sniffed Yankee’s Fresh Cut Herbs? The top notes are “Golden Apple, fresh spearmint and sweet basil” and this is EXACTLY what you smell when burning it. It’s on the light side when burning (at least mine is- throws far but light-medium) but it’s a wonderful and unique Basil scent, albeit a “basil blend”. It’s a current Treasure at stores but last time i checked it was no longer available on the website, unless they pour more…

    • Hi and Thank you…I have never been able to find that one! It was not in stock at the YC near me 😦 so it must at least be populat :). I will just have to keep my fingers crossed it shows up during teh SAS

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