Goose Creek: Dark Vanilla Bean

IMG_20160516_193547648 (1)I’m a vanilla kind of person. I know it seems boring…especially with the dozens of scents Goose Creek has for sale…but it’s a classic for a reason!

So I had to try Goose Creek’s Dark Vanilla Bean scent.

The Scent: A creamy French vanilla ice cream scent. Yes, it’s a bit on the plain side…but that’s what’s great about it! Vanilla with no frills. B+

The Throw: Unfortunately, the throw is so light, I forgot I even had it melting! It’s one that you can only kind of smell if you think about the scent and stand over the tart warmer. D-

This is probably my worst throw experience from Goose Creek so far. It’s too bad because I like the scent; a simple vanilla that is great on its own and would also be a great mixer. Oh well.

-Kari Ann


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