Kringle: Espresso Crema

Next up: Kringle Candle’s Espresso Crema.

IMG_20160521_103418184As a scientist…I have spent my fair amount of days and nights at a coffee shop or at least dropping in to grab a latte before a conference or experiment. (Never in the lab!). So this is a familiar scent!

The Scent: Warm, slightly bitter, and strong espresso with a sweet butterscotch-like note and just a hint of milk. It is really nice, not over the top, and reminds me of a small (dare I say hipster) coffee shop. B+

The Throw: A tad on the light side. This one had a light throw that I honestly forgot was melting. It was really only detectable for about 30 minutes. Pretty disappointing but not scentless. D+

Overall, this was probably my favorite “coffee” scent I’ve come across, but the throw was just unimpressive.

-Kari Ann


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