Kringle: Rainy Day

If you live the the Mid-Atlantic region, then you had a pretty rainy weekend.

So when I was selecting my next Kringle Candle scent, Rainy Day made sense.

When I was picking which tarts (sorry, potpourri wax melts), I had 3 general criteria. 1) Is it unique (aka not a Yankee Candle replica), 2) does the scent description interest me, and 3) attention-grabbing picture. That third criteria was not planned, but Kringle has some beautiful candle pictures!

IMG_20160522_082248886The Scent: I surprisingly liked this one. It’s clean and fresh to a T. There is a green note, kind of like dew drops on your garden green vegetation. It is hard to describe, but definitely a blast of nature. Not my type of scent, but still pleasant. B

The Throw: Really great! Definitely a medium-strong that completely filled my living room and nearby hallway and bathroom for 2 full days of melting! The best I’ve had from Kringle so far! A

So Rainy Day is not my favorite scent, but I really enjoyed it. I probably would not have tried it if that rainbow umbrella didn’t catch my eye…and I’m glad it did!

-Kari Ann


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