Yankee Candle: Passion Fruit Martini

When I heard Margarita Time was retiring, I was quite sad. But then I tried the new Yankee Candle summer 2016 scent Passion Fruit Martini and everything was better!

IMG_20160525_182221017The Scent: A fruit cocktail paradise! This tropical smoothie blend combines passion fruit (Brazilian Passion Fruit for us World Journey fans) with a light spritz of mango and citrus. It smells like a not too sweet, not artificial, fruit punch. A+

The Throw: Really nice. I’d place at a medium. It filled up my living room for two nights worth of melting. I do wish it could be a tad stronger, but that did not take away from the experience at all. A-

Overall, I loved Passion Fruit Martini and hope to grab some at Yankee Candle’s Semi-Annual Sale. I hope it comes back!

-Kari Ann



  1. Oh geez, this one’s retiring too. However, just seasonally, not a permanent discontinued scent like Margarita Time. I forgot to grab one of these, though. Full retirement list on my blog.

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