Yankee Candle: Black Magic

The Semi-Annual Sale at Yankee Candle is the best time to stock up on candles, or to try a new scent as a discounted priced. The summer sale is happening right now!

IMG_20160528_080729994One candle I got during the winter SAS was Black Magic. This Halloween candle has been on the discount section for a while and I have no idea why…it’s awesome!

The Scent: It smells just like Witches Brew to me. It is an earthy, patchouli scent that is sweet and spicy and herbal….perfectly lovely. I could honestly burn this year round. A+

The Throw: The throw is somewhere near medium. It is a scent that fills up my living room, then blends into the background to become part of that room. No complaints from me. If this one was too strong, I’d feel like I was in an incense store. Medium is the right throw strength A-

Jenna bought Black Magic for me at 75% off. I have seen this scent floating, as recent as last month. Now that I know how great it is, I wish I picked up more!

-Kari Ann




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