Yankee Candle Vent Clip

I always enjoy having a car freshener. It’s one of those small joys in life.

IMG_20160607_063503926_HDRRight before the Yankee Candle Semi-Annual Sale, I bought a Margarita Time Smart Scent Vent Clip. I hadn’t tried this product yet and was eager to enjoy the now retired Margarita Time one more time.

Unfortunately, it’s not that impressive. The vet clip is pretty weak and does not “blow” scent out when I have my AC on. The only time I can smell it is in the morning when I first get in my car…and even then it’s pretty weak.

Scent: A+

Vent Clip Throw: D+

So at $5.49 full price, this was a disappointment! I plan on trying more vent clips at the discontinued SAS price, but at first opinion, the car jars are better.

-Kari Ann


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