Yankee Candle: Summer Storm

I have to admit: I assumed I would hate Yankee Candle’s new summer 2016 scent Summer Storm.

IMG_20160608_194554535From a cold sniff, it just was not what I was expecting and lacked the “fruit-like” aspect I typically look for in a summer scent. But after two days of melting this tart…I love it!

The Scent: Summer Storm reminds me of Yankee Candle’s Mountain Lodge. It has a strong woody note, some herbal patchouli notes, and a subtle “wet-green” note like dew drops on leaves. It is earthy, fresh, and masculine and I just love it! A-

The Throw: Wonderful! I am loving this tart. It is a medium-strong throw that completely fills up my living room. I am on day 2 of melting this tart and it is still going strong! This is the definition of a good throw. A+

This is why I buy candle scents I think I’ll hate….you just never know when a candle will surprise you!

-Kari Ann



  1. I love Summer Storm! It’s such a unique scent and I hasn’t smelled anything like it until I started burning B&BW Sparkling Waves candle they have out now-very, very similar. I dint know what notes are in there giving it that unique smell, it doesn’t scream fresh at me but it’s a nice change to burn these diring th Summer when I get tired of all the fruity and clean scents!

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