Kringle: Strawberry Lemonade

On paper, any strawberry lemonade scent sounds amazing! So of course Kringle’s version made it into my order last month!

IMG_20160612_101805955Unfortunately, this one had a lack-luster throw, so it didn’t matter if the scent was good or bad 😦

The Scent: A lemon candy-like scent that is sweet and a touch tart. The strawberry note is secondary, but adds a nice berry-like sweetness. It is quite sweet, but smells like a glass of summertime lemonade (from a powder mix). B+

The Throw: Very weak throw. I could barely smell it and even forgot I had a tart melting. I couldn’t smell anything unless I was standing right near the tart warmer…nothing special. D

So Strawberry Lemonade was okay, it’s a bit sweet for my preference. But the throw was terrible so this is a scent I wouldn’t buy again 😦

-Kari Ann


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