Kringle: Sparkling

IMG_20160615_184149725The scent Sparkling by Kringle had my name all over it. Seltzer water, lime, berry….it sounded perfect and refreshing. Unfortunately, this one had a weird “perfumey” note that ruined the perfect description for me.

The Scent: At the base was a subtle lime in sparkling water scent…but there was something else that made this one unbearable to me. It was fruity but there was also a floral scent that masked the lime when melting. Disappointing. D+

The Throw: The throw, of course, was pretty decent. I’d say a light medium with moments that were stronger. It filled up my living room. It could have been stronger, but was one of the better Kringle throws so far. B-

I have to say, my Kringle purchase has been a disappointment. Hope my last 5 are good!

-Kari Ann


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