Wallflower: Sangria Berry Freeze

sangria berrt freezeMy Wallflower of the month is Sangria Berry Freeze from last summer’s popsicle-themed collection. This is one of my last Wallflower bulbs from Bath & Body Works’ winter Semi-Annual Sale!

The Scent: This is a lovely bubbly blueberry and strawberry scent! It smells fruity, sweet, and just like a summer day during peak berry season at a farmer’s market. A-

The (bulb) Throw: Unfortunately, the throw of this bulb is virtually non-existent. It’s been 2 weeks and you would never know I have a bulb plugged in! My bedroom doesn’t smell ‘stale’ so it may be covering up my closet-smells….but no blueberry scent 😦 F

So I love the scent of Sangria Berry Freeze, but the throw is terrible!

-Kari Ann


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