Yankee Candle: Candied Pecans

I grabbed one of each of the new Fall 2016 Yankee Candle scents this past weekend.

I HATE the new labels.

candied pecansThe first new scent I tried was: Candied Pecan.

The Scent: Not bad…it smells like a sheet of toasted pecan praline with dashes of cinnamon, caramel, and vanilla. It is sweet and nutty! Anyone who has baked pecans with a sugary glaze will enjoy this scent! Good, but not amazing. B+

The Throw: This one was on the lighter side…maybe a light medium. It could be smelled throughout my living room, but quickly faded into the background. The tart also didn’t have a long-lasting throw (maybe a few hours). Pretty average but not hopeless. C+

So Candied Pecan was okay. The scent was nice, but the throw lacked luster. I could take it or leave it.

-Kari Ann



  1. I was wondering if you had seen them, Kari Ann. I first saw one back in late March i believe, on social media, and was really disappointed. Once it became more official (i have to be careful as a store employee) i wanted to share the change with you but wasn’t sure how to contact you outside of the blog. I’d figure at SOME point you’d discover them. I’m used to them now but i agree- the picture is far too small, now. Apparently wax color is the priority now at Yankee. Oh and a new, smaller easier-to-peel-off label… 😦

    • Thank you Shenkjr. I saw the label maybe 2 months ago and was hoping it was an “outlet” label. I saw these new scents with the old labels on facebook somewhere…maybe hope or just good photoshopping 😦 Too bad about wax color (the fall scents are pretty dull for color, but I guess that comes with the season). Thank you, as always, for the info. I just HATE that font; at least tarts are peel-off! 😦

      • (you can call me Joe ;)…) You might have seen Honey Clementine and “Autumn Night” with the current labels as the UK is getting those as well as Ebony & Oak and Rhubarb Crumble (both have been found in outlets) and the logo/label change only applies to the US for right now. I must say the new labels look really good in the store where i work. They’re only appearing on the new and returning fall scents. New and returning winter scents will be next followed by everything else in Q1 of 2017. It appears for NOW that Treasures/Favorites will NOT have the new labels. The website has already been updated. I’m used to the change by now but at first thought it was awful… oh well. As long as the product quality stays the same or even gets better i’ll be happy 🙂

      • Joe (got it!), I agree…quality over aesthetics! Interesting that treasures will have the ‘old’ labels. I’m sure I’ll get used to it as well once I finish up my candles with the old labels. I guess it’s not that bad! (LOL) Thank you for the info…makes sense that the pictures I saw were for UK (but I could hope!) 🙂

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