Throwback: Pink Grapefruit

For the summer Semi-Annual Sale, Bath & Body Works brought back a few classics. And I grabbed 6 of them as hand soaps!

pgfIn the early late 1990’s and early 2000’s, you were simply just not cool if you did not have a bottle of Cucumber Melon body spray stashed in your locker.

One of my very first memories of buying myself a “scent” was from the Bath & Body Works winter Semi Annual Sale circa 1998. With money I got from Christmas, I bought myself a Cool Watermelon body lotion, Tropical Fruit shower gel, and a Pink Grapefruit spray.

Yeah, I didn’t figure out that you were supposed to get all those as the same scent….but I definitely smelled great!

Throwback for today: Pink Grapefruit!

This is one of my favorite scents, period. The grapefruit is tart and sweet and balanced by just a hint of orange. It is sharp, bright, and a perfect citrus. To be honest, this is my own “gold standard” of grapefruit scents and nothing has come close yet to matching it!

-Kari Ann

PS: Pink Grapefruit may be offered in BBW’s soap line still today, but back in my day, it was part of the entire line-up of products!


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