Wallflower: Tiki Mango Mai Tai

tmmtI bought a bunch of Wallflowers during the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale as well as a cute new lemon plug-in.

So I decided to put a plug in in my laundry room, which is right next to my cat’s litter box! After a week, my husband and I have rejoiced and decided this is a new normal for our home!

Up first: Tiki Mango Mai Tai

The Scent: A wonderful tropical escape! Mango is the star with just a kiss of citrus and a slight floral note. It’s like a tropical mixed drink! A-

The (bulb) Throw: Awesome! This Wallflower is completely masking my cat’s litter box all the while filling the laundry room with a sweet mango scent without being overbearing! It’s a perfect balance! A+

So, obviously I am a fan of this mango Mai Tai scent! I will certainly enjoy it for the next few weeks!

-Kari Ann


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