Kringle: Spellbound

When I made my Kringle order, I gravitated to many of the abstract scents. (What is Watercolors and Dewdrops supposed to smell like anyway?)

sbSo of course I had to try Spellbound!

The Scent: Spellbound reminded me of Victoria’s Secret’s scent Love Spell. Part floral, part fruit, part mystery with maybe a touch of musk. It is hard to pin down exact scent notes, but it’s wonderful! B+

The Throw: The throw was just so-so. It was pretty light but did fill up my living room. It was a bit lackluster. D+

So Spellbound was a great scent…and nostalgic for me. I used to wear Victoria’s Secret’s Love Spell in high school! But the throw was just disappointing.

-Kari Ann


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