Yankee Candle: Honey Clementine

I was really excited for Yankee Candle’s new fall 2016 scent Honey Clementine.

hcBut this one fell short for me.

The Scent: When melting, the citrus notes came off like disinfectant (to me at least). It was a tad chemical-smelling but had so much promise since there were hints of dried orange peel that were very nice. The honey note was great and added an unexpected sweetness. So it’s a toss-up. C

The Throw: I’d place the throw as a light-medium, it was nothing special but not scentless. It took two hours, though, just to be ‘smellable.’ However, this scent started to give me a wicked bad headache, so I had to cut it short. C+

There you go: Honey Clementine was one of those scents that induces my headaches, but I did not really care for the scent either way. My warning: try this scent for yourself before you make any judgements!

-Kari Ann


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