Bath and Body Works: Sparkling Pear Riesling

sprI bought this Vine & Cork 3-wick of Sparkling Pear Riesling during the Semi-Annual Sale at Bath & Body Works.

The Scent: This is a wonderful, bright and crisp, Riesling. It is a touch sweet, and has that “bite” that only a pear-based vine can have. It smells like a freshly uncorked bottle of white wine! Not too sweet, but gives you that boozy, vineyard feel! It is nice, but did not blow me away. B

The Throw: Pretty great! I’d say a solid medium that completely fills up my living room and is consistently detectable as a nice background scent! I am very much satisfied. A-

Truth is, I don’t drink all that much alcohol right now. I’ve been too busy, so at the end of the day, a glass of seltzer water has been more appealing than a glass of wine. (I’m sure that will change). But, this brings me back to my “glass of wine with every meal” phase!

-Kari Ann


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