Yankee Candle: Caramel Apple Cake

Caramel Apple Cake is one of Yankee Candle’s new 2016 fall scents.

cacI saved this one for last since its unlit smell was my favorite of all the new scents. Sweet caramel cake, juicy apple, hints of butter….I was so excited. Unfortunately, this one melting was a bit disappointing.

The Scent: When melting, that sweet caramel scent was overly dominant. It was all I could smell. Sure, it was nice and anyone who was a fan of the now retired Creamy Caramel will appreciate it. But the apple notes were unnoticeable and the buttery vanilla cake notes took a second seat. This one needed way more apple and less caramel. B-

The Throw: The tart’s throw was pretty light. It was one of those “I forgot my tart warmer was on” type of throws. That caramel note was detectable, but faded into the background pretty early on. C

I had been hoping Caramel Apple Cake would be my Candy Apple replacement (a scent that retired many years ago). Unfortunately, the throw was too light and those caramel notes were too strong. I will try this one in a jar….but I have medium hopes.

-Kari Ann


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