Kringle: Apple Chutney

acThe weather in the Mid-Atlantic has been a touch cooler and is starting to remind me of fall….and how could it not? With back-to-school ads and pumpkin spice products popping up everywhere, I am in a full-blown autumn mindset.

So, today I am melting Kringle’s Apple Chutney.

The Scent: Wow, wonderful! The sweet brown sugar and cinnamon notes are dominate but highlighted by a buttery apple scent. And I am convinced I smell a touch of bourbon! It could use a bit more apple, but it is a nice dessert-based scent. B+

The Throw: Also wonderful! A medium-strong that is filling up my living room and beyond, but is not overbearing. It smells like I just pulled a fresh baked apple chutney out of the oven! A

I have had mixed thoughts on Kringle, but Apple Chutney is helping to make the case that I should keep them on my candle list!

-Kari Ann


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