Kringle: Fresh Baked Bread

fbbFresh Baked Bread was one of the Kringle scents I was most excited to try….and it was amazing!

The Scent: It smelled like I was baking bread in my oven. Yeasty, crusty, and fresh…it smells like a French Baguette! A

The Throw: I really loved this throw, but it would have been perfect if it were a touch stronger. It filled up my entire living room but did blend into the background. It really did have that walking into a bakery feel. I’d place it as a medium. B

So obviously, I really enjoyed Fresh Baked Bread. However, I will note that when I asked my husband “do you like the tart I’m melting” he said “sure, smells like vanilla or something.” So maybe it didn’t smell as much like I was baking homemade bread as I thought…

-Kari Ann


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