Yankee Candle Vent Clip

bcI reviewed Yankee Candle’s car vent clip back in June and was not very impressed.

But, because it was 75% off, I bought another during the Semi-Annual Sale.

Black Coconut is a long retired summer scent that I miss. The throw was light, but the coconut scent was wonderful.

So far, this vent clip has been not that bad…but still not amazing. When I get into my car each morning, it is filled with the gentle scent of tropical coconut…but that smells fades away (or I get used to it) after a few minutes. And I am convince that the clip blocks part of my AC, making my car take longer to cool down.

So, the Black Coconut vent clip is better than my previous experience, but I’m still not sold.

-Kari Ann


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