Goose Creek: Kentucky Harvest

khI’ve never been to Kentucky…but if this is what Kentucky smells like in autumn, I’m there!

Up this week has been Kentucky Harvest from Goose Creek.

The Scent: Crisp fall leaves with a heavy dash of spice. It has a hint of oak, a dash of apple, and some more clove. The spice in this one is dominate, but well balanced by the fall leaf scent. A-

The Throw: Wonderful….this one is a room-filler. I’d say a perfect medium that is constantly smellable but not over-whelming. It’s my type of throw! A

So, I really like this Craft Store spice scent mixed with falling leaves…and so did my husband!

-Kari Ann

PS: I’ve enjoyed Goose Creek so much, I made another order!



  1. I find their melts wax far too soft. It was nearly impossible to remove from my warmer dishes when it solidified. I literally had to scoop it all out with a metal spoon. Very messy and not worth the trouble, in my opinion 😦

    • I agree…but I just love there scents 😦 I end up having to pour out the melted wax….very bad idea and I’m lucky I haven’t spilled wax yet! I’ve tried all the tricks (ice, water in bottom…) too soft but I can’t stop!

  2. I remove the wax when it is not completly melted, Just a few minutes in my melter and then i can remove it easy. Sorry for my bad english writing ( come from The Netherlands )😊. Love your reviews by the wayπŸ‘ Greetings from Holland,

    • Thank you Karin…I think I do a similar thing πŸ™‚ I bring my trash can to my warmer and pour it in. No spills (so far)! πŸ™‚ A few years back, I took a class at NIOZ on Texel…I loved my time in the Netherlands!

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