Goose Creek: Orange Berry Slush

obsI have to start this review by saying that I hated this scent. I bought a huge order of wax melts from Goose Creek and decided to try Orange Berry Slush first since summer is still lingering.

The Scent: While it is reminiscent of Sicilian Orange, I am just adverse to these “fake” fruit scents that smell like orange fruit flavoring and not a citrus-packed orange. It is overly artificial, has no freshness, and even has a few floral undertones that I despise. D-

The Throw: Of course, the throw is great. My entire living room gets filled with a medium to medium-strong scent of fake orange fruit. A-

Obviously, I am not a fan of Orange Berry Slush. It is just a messy miss for me.

-Kari Ann


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