Goose Creek: Auburn Lake

alI asked my husband what type of scent he wanted this weekend and he said “something that smells like fall.” So I picked Auburn Lake from Goose Creek.

It’s okay.

The Scent: Masculine and woodsy. Patchouli stands out with a touch of cedar, dried orange peel, and fruity black currant. It’s okay; definitely more of a patchouli scent than a kayak trip down a fall lake scent. B-

The Throw: Auburn Lake has a nice throw…it’s a medium that does fade into the background, but creates an earthy ambiance that is nice. It’s a great ‘easy-going’ throw. B

So, Auburn Lake was a little above average to me. It is nice for a patchouli-based scent, but I found myself wanting more of an oak and autumn leaf scent.

-Kari Ann



  1. Masculine and woodsy had my ears perked up! I get what you mean about needing a leafy or oakey note, it has to be there to be a true fall scent.
    What would be your fave masculine/woodsy scent? Mine’s Mountain Lodge but I’m always looking for good manly scents.

    • Mountain Lodge is great!…but I’d have to default to Autumn Leaves…something about that scent makes me so happy and ready for cool weather 🙂 I think “fall” based scents are becoming more and more my favorite….sounds like you have a similar preference!

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