Goose Creek: Summer Sherbet

sshWhat a shame…I was so excited to try Goose Creek’s Summer Sherbet…but it lacked balance and a good throw.

The Scent: It had promise, but missed the mark. It has some creamy notes of orange, lemon, and berry, but they just did not stand apart and blurred into a semi-average fruit mix. When lit, there was also a floral-perfume-like note that did not belong. C-

The Throw: Too light to enjoy. It was barely detectable and quickly faded away. D+

I had expected this scent to smell like the sherbet version of Yankee Candle’s Tutti Fruiti. The scent description was “Enjoy summer’s favorite scoop! Summer Sherbet is a rainbow of colors. Indulge in bright notes of orange, lemon, lime, peach and raspberry.” While those fruit notes where there, they were just not well balance or defined. It has so much promise which made this one so disappointing!

-Kari Ann


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