Goose Creek: Cherry Cheesecake

I have had a long week….I’ve traveled to 3 states in the last week for various workshops and conferences. So I picked a “pick me up” scent from my Goose Creek stash: Cherry Cheesecake.

img_20160916_190054147 Delicious! It smells like the gooey, cherry sauce that is drizzled over a slice of cheesecake. The vanilla and cheesecake notes are there, but cherry is the true star. I really enjoyed this one, but do wish there was more cheesecake notes…the cherry was almost just right: sweet, not too artificial, and fruity! B+

The Throw: Boo, this one dies out fast. It starts as a medium, but goes to weak after an hour, and not just because my nose goes used to it! So it starts as a B+ then shoots to a D+ in about 60 minutes….so I’ll say C

Overall, not bad, but just not amazing.

-Kari Ann


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