Wallflower: Sparkling Amber

saI guess I am not an amber fan….I placed this Wallflower near my cat’s litter box and wow do I hate Sparkling Amber.

The Scent: Amber has that distinct, yet hard to describe, scent. Musky, sweet, and earthy…? Anyways, I absolutely hate it. I cannot give a specific reason other than it just is unpleasant to me. F

The (bulb) Throw: Of course, very nice bulb throw. My cat’s litter box area and kitchen has been filled with this scent for almost two weeks. Not overwhelming but ever present. A

It seems like the best throws are always on scents I hate. Well, if you like amber scents, give this one a sniff (it is available as a candle), but for me, it was just awful. I learned to avoid amber scents in the future!

-Kari Ann


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