I haven’t written a post in quite some time–luckily Kari has been picking up the slack for me! I’ve had a busy summer and haven’t had too much time to light candles–and the few candles I have lit have all been duds.

Sadly, two of the duds were World Journeys! Typically I have found the world journey candles to be some of Yankee candles best scents. They smell great and have a fantastic throw.

South American Dragonfruit had ZERO throw. I couldn’t smell a thing and honestly can’t even tell you what it was supposed to smell like. Nothing is worse then having a candle that is so horrible yet you don’t want to throw it away so you just slowly wait for it to finish burning so you can move on to the next candle.

Sadly my next candle wasn’t much better–also the problem was different. Jamaica Rum Punch smells great cold-it’s one of those scents where, if the lid of off, you can smell it even when it isn’t lit. However, something is wrong with the wicks on this candle so it just doesn’t burn. The wicks drown themselves. After a few days I just gave up on this one.

Today I finally lit a candle that I can smell and that stays lit. Danish Butter Cookie is fantastic!! It is yet another world journey scent. It smells like a shortbread cookie. I’m surprised at the strength of the throw considering it’s a small tumbler–but I’m not complaining! I’ve had this candle for a few years but didn’t burn it until now. I’m starting to regret that decision since–as mentioned in Kari’s previous post–it looks like I may no longer be able to find world journey candles. 😦

Now I’m going to go make some cookies…one downside of having a fantastic smelling danish butter cookie candle-it makes you want cookies!



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  1. Your comment on having a candle for a few years and burning it now is a relief to me. Would you know how many years scented jar candles will last? I have a vast amount of candles that’ll take a long time to go through. They’re being stored properly. Love your candle assessments but I love florals and your not a fan. Lol

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