World Journeys are now ‘Postcards’?

World Journey: Old Version
Postcards: New Version

Jenna and I love Yankee Candle’s World Journey collection that is sold in Marshalls/TJMaxx/Homegoods….but we noticed that no new scents have been released for a while.

Yesterday, I went to a Yankee Candle outlet and noticed that a few World Journey scents were now in large jars and labeled as “Postcards from…”

So my only guess…World Journeys are now a new collected called Postcards or World Jouneys are on a hiatus and these are a special edition.

There were no new scents, but a handful of old scents repackaged in this new style. I sent my husband on the mission to find me all of the Postcard jars…and we found 6!

My thoughts: Well, first off, I am hopeful that this will mean new ‘World Journey’ scents will be released and the labels are kind of cute. However, I typically prefer tumblers over jars and also only saw these in large (will medium and small be available?).

This was the first World Journey I ever bought over 5 years ago!
Yes, the scents smell the same as the World Journey version. This one is awesome!
The Postcard scents I found were skewed towards the newer World Journey scents…I wonder if scents like Indonesian Ginger will be available…
This label is very similar to the World Journey version!
My husband searched high and low to find all the Postcard candles!

Has anyone else seen these? Are they already in Homegoods?

-Kari Ann




  1. Like you, i’ve seen these at YC outlet stores and the “discount” stores you mention. I can only assume these will be made-over at some point like the rest of Yankee’s line of product to reflect the new logo (don’t get me started on that OR the horrible new, thin labels- one day i like them, the next day i don’t!). So i’d snatch-up the ones from this line that you like NOW 🙂

  2. Also spotted these in my local outlet and was confused at first. It may be time to get my World Journeys collecting in gear if they’re phasing out older scents completely. I do love the Rolling Hills of Ireland one.
    It strikes me as ironic that WJs are getting larger photo labels while the house warmer collection is getting small slivers of photos in new labels! Nice work:)

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