Outlet Trip

I went to my local Yankee Candle Outlet this past weekend and found some notable candles! I typically am like a kid in a candy store at the Outlet, so forgive me if my candle mentions seem random! Warning: potential new spring scents?!

I think Blue Paradise is new…but I have no idea! It does have the new label! This one had that “ocean” scent in it that always gives me a migraine. Unfortunately, I had to pass.
This one confused me…is it new? It has a new label, but was similar to Pink Sands (but hard to tell through the plastic). Kohl’s version is Bermuda Sands….I bought it, so I’ll report back!
Another scent that I had not seen before and in the new label. It reminded me a bit of the retired Dune Grass….I’ll report back since I bought it too!
Okay, I had never seen this scent (maybe I’m just out of the loop), but it was just okay. First sniff, I hated it…second sniff, I got an oak and acorn scent that was decent. Eh.
Again, I had never seen All is Bright, but it is available on Yankee Candle’s website! It was okay…a musky citrus scent that reminded me a bit of Sparkling Snow. It was nice to smell a “non-traditional” Christmas scent.
Okay, first I LOVED the Deep Blue Sea label, but hated the scent. Both it and Blue Surf had that “ocean” note in it that gives me a headache. American Pride (White Version) was apparently forgettable since I forget what it smelled like (but I remember likely it)!
I loved the label to the red version of American Pride. This one was appley.
The blue version of American Pride. I just remember it had fruit notes.
Morning Glow not only had a beautiful label, but a wonderful scent. It reminded me of Yankee Candle’s Early Morning. Under the Willow was nice as well…green and water notes.

Happy Hunting!

-Kari Ann





  1. Love me an outlet trip! Ebony and Oak is a UK exclusive that was a test fragrance at outlets. I like All is Bright a lot, but know it reminds me of a previous scent I haven’t figured out yet.
    I believe all of those beach scents are the outlet repackage of retail scents, seaside grass=dune grass, under the willow=willow breeze, etc.

  2. Hi Kari Ann. I can help you with some of this- the tarts are the new Outlet labels, replacing the former Country Kitchen labels that everyone seemed to hate. Ebony & Oak is a new Fall UK/European exclusive. All is Bright IS going to be a US release but the one that you saw there at the outlet is the UK/European version/label of it. 🙂

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