Goose Creek: Blackberry Parfait

img_20160930_181524314Goose Creek described Blackberry Parfait as a “Dark Autumn Blackberry” scent, so I thought it would be a perfect choice to transition from summer into fall.

But this scent is a NO NO NO!

The Scent: This is a floral scent. I cannot smell any berry or creamy vanilla, all I can smell is a floral jasmine and rose mash-up. I hate floral scents and this one is at the top of my list for unbearable. I expected a blackberry yogurt masterpiece but instead got a perfume. F

The Throw: I’d place it as an average medium. It filled up my living room, but did take a while to get going. It does not fade into the background but was not overbearing, so it was pretty good….I just hated the scent! B+

So, I simply hated this scent….maybe my nose is off or I got a floral-dud…but I would not get this one again!

-Kari Ann


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