Goose Creek: Autumn Romance

IMG_20161004_200523193.jpgThe label from Goose Creek’s Autumn Romance is just too cute. It was one of the reasons I picked it as my tart of the moment!

The Scent: Amber is the dominant note, which is not a scent I typically attribute to fall. There is also some sweet, sugary notes with a touch of musk, but that amber scent is what really shines through….and I am just not a big amber fan. C+

The Throw: Pretty good; another throw from Goose Creek that I am satisfied with. It’s a medium that filled up my living room. B+

Overall, this scent was not what I expected. It really doesn’t have anything autumnal about it. Amber can be a romantic scent (I guess), but it was missing that fresh fallen leaves and wood notes I associate with fall!

-Kari Ann


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