Yankee Candle Village Williamsburg

I was asked to give a talk at the Virginia Institute for Marine Science, which meant I would be nearby the Williamsburg Yankee Candle Village. Of course I had to stop by!


This is my second time visiting, and after a 4 hour car ride, it was great to walk around and explore! Here are a few of my highlights!

Williamsburg Pineapple is the special scent for this Yankee Candle Village location!
Like Deerfield, there is a Christmas Village where it snows every 4 minutes. In VA, there is also a starry night!
I love stained glass! There are so many treasure trinkets to explore!
This Balsam and Cedar is the special 2016 Village Exclusive. 
New England Maple is one of the Deerfield, MA special candles, but you can find it at the VA Village too! There were 3 labels to pick from.
How cute are these tea light holders!?
I am obsessed with the Sophia collection!
I had never seen Strawberry Cheesecake, and it is amazing! It smelled just like a slice from Cheesecake Factory!
Another new scent for me; apple butter was a creamy apple scent and amazing!
My favorite part of the Williamsburg Yankee Candle Village was the Halloween Village!

Okay, so I only was able to spend about 45 minutes inside, but it was awesome! I just wish I had Jenna with me!

-Kari Ann



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