Goose Creek: Pumpkin Cinnamon Ice Cream

IMG_20161018_192450628.jpgI am really getting in the autumn spirit, so Pumpkin Cinnamon Ice Cream from Goose Creek seemed liked the perfect scent for this week!

Well, it’s just okay.

The Scent: My main complaint is that the pumpkin is very artificial and kind of headache-inducing. And it is overwhelmed with too much clove and cinnamon. While it certainly is a spiced pumpkin scent, this one missed the mark for me. C-

The Throw: Really good, of course! It is a medium-strong that filled up my entire living room. A-

So Pumpkin Cinnamon Ice Cream brought on a slight headache…but even with that aside, the scent was nothing special. It is an artificial and typical spiced pumpkin scent all in one. I’ll pass for a re-order.

-Kari Ann


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