Yankee Candle: Tangerine & Vanilla

img_20161024_091825983Wow, it has been a busy few days! A really good friend of mine got married in Alabama, so I had an 800 mile road trip! It was a beautiful and fun wedding, but boy am I tired!

Anyways, now that I am back home in the Mid-Atlantic, I needed to relax. So Tangerine & Vanilla from Yankee Candle’s Simply Home line seemed perfect.

It was okay.

The Scent: It was nice and refreshing, but also a little boring and reminded me a bit of the “citrus” scent used in disinfectants. It was perfectly fine and created a great fruity-fresh room scent, but it left me wanting more creamsicle and less “I just cleaned my house.” Overall, just okay. B-

A New England native in Alabama!

The Throw: Average. It was a light-medium that gently filled up my living room and created a great background scent without being over-bearing. The scent is really my main complaint. B+

Overall, I expected this to be a creamy citrus dessert scent and it was more of a citrus fresh scent. Not terrible, just not what I was hoping for after a long trip. To be fair, I probably would buy it again…so it’s not all bad!

-Kari Ann


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