WallFlower: Lavender Macaron

img_20161018_192506004My cat’s litter box area will be freshened this month by the scent Lavender Macaron from Bath & Body Works. This is a unique scent that is okay…and kind of perfect as a “hide a bad smell” scent.

The Scent: The classic herbal-floral scent of lavender is sweetened by a buttery cookie scent. The lavender is dominant, relaxing, and clean, but made unique by the macaron notes. It is kind of a weird mix, but in my cat’s litter box area, I don’t hate it. B-

The (Bulb) Throw: Perfectly satisfactory! It masks my cat’s odors while creating a background scent without being too strong. And 2 weeks in, it’s still wonderful! A-

Overall, the scent is kind of weird…and not really my cup of tea. But I don’t hate it! The bulb’s throw is great, so it certainly is doing its job!

-Kari Ann


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