Goose Creek: Bergamot Mist

img_20161101_195651408Whoa is this a strong scent!

I picked Goose Creek’s Bergamot Mist as my Halloween scent…solely because of it’s creepy picture.

The Scent: A strong, masculine blend of wood, citrus, and lots of cologne. It is a powerful and almost overwhelming scent…a bit too much for me. C

The Throw: Very strong. Wow, it completely fills up my living room and drifts into the hall way, kitchen, and even bathroom. One wedge lasts forever (seriously, like over 8 hours for 1 wedge out of the 6. To be honest, it might be too strong for me to truly enjoy. A+

So, Bergamot Mist is a very strong throw and a very masculine scent. Just too much for me…and not at all Halloween-like.

-Kari Ann


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